Referral and Hiring Agreement:

  • NDN will conduct initial telephone and in-person interviews with applicants (potential nannies) upon application for the nanny position.
  • NDN Agency will require the applicant’s criminal record check, child abuse check, driving record check, and reference verification, following application for the position of a nanny (Client/family may also do the nanny’s record checks)
  • NDN will obtain the applicant’s profile – such as biography, childcare experience, etc.
  • NDN will email/call clients to notify them of nanny candidates’ profiles from the NDN database.
  • NDN agency will refer qualified nannies who desire to work full time, part-time, occasional, live-in, or live-out to clients on request.
  • NDN will arrange for client-nanny interviews.
  • Clients are obliged to carefully interview and screen the potential nannies (applicants) based on their family’s criteria and expectations for child care.
  • Clients should inform the NDN Agency of the outcome of the interview/screening of applicants.
  • Clients should inform the NDN Agency of their desire to employ the applicant or otherwise.
  • Clients should obtain authorization from the NDN Agency before offering nanny jobs to applicants.

Employment Agreement:

  • ***Clients agree NOT to offer employment to applicants before all the above-stated requirements are done – inclusive of screenings, interviewing applicants, and obtaining authorization from the NDN Agency.
  • NDN Agency will place the nanny with the client upon the client’s decision to hire the candidate
  • Clients agree to inform the NDN Agency of the date of the applicant’s (nanny) first day of employment.
  • Clients agree to complete and return nanny’s performance evaluation sent to them by the NDN Agency.
  • ***Clients agree to notify NDN Agency immediately if they are using another agency for nanny referral during the period of their contract.


  • NDN Agency defines Referral and Placement Fees in the NDN Agency Fee Schedule.
  • NDN Agency will charge clients referral fees and placement fees for any nanny referred to them by the NDN Agency and hired by the clients.
  • NDN Agency DOES NOT pay nannies for the services provided to clients.
  • NDN Agency informs clients of their responsibility to pay nannies directly for services provided to them, as agreed upon by both parties at the time of interview/hire.
  • Clients agree to pay NDN Agency referral fees and placement fees for any nanny referred to them by NDN Agency and hired by them.
  • Clients agree to pay non-refundable referral fees at the time of initiating and signing the contract with the NDN Agency.
  • Clients agree to pay placement fees to NDN Agency for any nanny hired by the clients. Full payment to be made to NDN at the time of authorization to employ the applicant (nanny) is given to the client.
  • Client agrees to pay their nanny directly the salary amount (hourly, daily, or weekly) as agreed upon by both the client and nanny at the time of hire.

Length of Contract – Three Months Agreement:

  • NDN provides a one- time 90-days contract for referrals and placement of Nannies.
  • NDN agrees to provide 2 replacement Nannies to the Client, at NO additional referral fees within the 90-days contract, if the Nanny’s employment is terminated by either the Client or Nanny, during the first 90-days of employment.
  • NDN will provide replacement Nanny to Client for the number of hours/days per week as indicated in the original contract.
  • NDN will NOT refund referral and placement fees if the second placement (replacement Nanny) is not successful within the 90-days contract period( 3 months).
  • NDN will provide ONLY TWO replacement Nanny per contract.
  • The Client agrees to complete and sign a new NDN Family/Client & Nanny Work Agreement with each replacement Nanny.
  • The Client agrees to pay NDN agency for services provided to the Client by the replacement Nanny.
  • Should they require a new Nanny, the Client agrees to re-contract( sign for a new contract) after the expiration of the initial 90-days contract.
  • ***NDN agency will call Client at the end of one month of hiring a Nanny for follow up.

Contract Between NDN Agency and Clients (PDF)

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