We provide only the most reliable professional nannies and babysitters services in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.
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What We Offer

Nanny and Babysitter Staffing

NDN Agency is committed to excellence and client satisfaction. Our team is available to help you and your family find the right nannies and babysitters that meet your care requirements. We will be introducing candidates to you and your family, following the latest guidance from the government and as recommended by local and international licensing bodies.

At NDN, we make sure to perform a full workout of each candidate’s health, background, and personal information, along with intensive interviews and examinations, to know whether or not they pass our agency’s standards and are qualified to handle the responsibilities of a nanny or babysitter proficiently. We place the highest priority on children and child care. Hence, we match you with a nanny or babysitter that best fits your requirements and preferences, ensuring that they pass all our screening and hiring procedures. We also promote a healthy environment where everyone respects, values, and understands one another without discrimination or abuse.

All of our staff members are discreet, well-trained, and committed to helping your family get the best possible babysitter and nanny, whether you need them full time, part-time, occasionally, live-in, or live-out. NDN got you covered.

Do not hesitate to contact us here should you have further inquiries. We’ll be glad to address your concerns promptly.