Keeping Your Little Toddler Under Control


Every child is different. Some days you may end up looking after a calm and obedient child, other days may be a nightmare. If you work in Childcare Services in Pennsylvania, United States, you know that there are instances where the toddler you’re looking after is making you hate your job.

Don’t worry, New Dawn Nanny Agency deals with all sorts of kids in our Nannies and Babysitters Services in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. So we know a few ways to keep little trouble-makes in line.

Here are some life-changing disciplining techniques:

  • Don’t offer bribes
    This is usually the first solution nannies use when dealing with difficult behavior, but it sends the wrong message. You wouldn’t want to make your little pumpkin think that they don’t have to be good to get rewarded right?
  • Maintain authority
    Youngsters love to test boundaries, and spritely children are masters of this art form. Keep your cool and stay firm on your expectation from them. If you can’t maintain authority, they will walk all over you.
  • Make things fun
    Kids have a lot of energy. This is why they always have to run around and play. If you let your kiddo spend most of their time facing their iPads or the TV, you will end up with an energetic child who is not ready to get into bed. They’re going to be like a thoroughly shaken bottle of coke, and we know how that ends up.

We hope these tips help you deal with your difficult child. If you’re a busy parent looking for Nanny Services in Pennsylvania, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call at 484-574-2794 to get in touch.

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