The Impact of Nannies on Child Development


A lot of parents who juggle careers and families may need a little extra help, especially in child care. Hiring a nanny or babysitter can benefit busy parents but how much do we know about the impact of nannies and babysitters on child development?

Studies show that nannies can have a positive influence on children, assuming that they possess the professional qualities and skills that relate to child care. Nannies lend support to individual families and their impact has a ripple effect that goes beyond one family. They have shown to be a contributor to the community and economy at large.

Our nanny services in Pennsylvania are the same. We have reliable and professional nannies that can help you rear your child properly, impacting their development positively. A good nanny can give a positive effect on a child’s cognitive and social development. Young children also tend to experience less stress when they receive quality care at home. As a parent who wishes to hire a nanny, you just have to be sure that the candidate possesses a warm, sensitive, and positive attitude.

Childcare, such as our childcare services in Pennsylvania, is shown to improve the wellbeing of children. Children may easily feel neglected if they see their parents working a lot and not being able to spare some time for them. Thus, hiring professional childcare services can very much help. Children with special needs who require more personalized attention may also do better under a nanny’s care rather than at daycare.

In totality, personalized care from nannies can improve the lives of children. If you want to avail of nannies and babysitters services in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, call New Dawn Nanny Agency today.

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