When Babysitting Two or More Kids at a Time


Caring for a child, especially a toddler, can be extra challenging. It requires a lot of patience, as in this stage, they try to explore many things. Jump in here, climb over there, talk and ask you everywhere – these kids sure have tons of energy!

But what if you provide Nanny Services in Pennsylvania to two children or multiples? How can you manage and give everyone equal attention? Below are some tips for nannies, especially for first-timers.

  • Meet the children before your start date.
    Knowing about their attitudes, characters, likes, and dislikes beforehand will give you an idea of how to manage to babysit.
  • Select activities that are fun and engaging.
    Choose games that require taking turns and strategize. That way, they will focus on the game even when it is not their turn. Plus, they can also learn about patience, planning, and decision-making.
  • Do not side with anyone.
    Playing favorites is a no-no when it comes to Childcare Services in Pennsylvania, United States. Fighting is usual in children. Just talk to them and know everyone’s side impartially, so they will not develop trust issues with you.
  • Avoid distractions.
    To Nannies and Babysitters Services in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, avoid doing things that are irrelevant to your job so you can prevent accidents and incidents. Fixate your eyes on the kids, not the television. Use your phone only when necessary and during emergencies.

We understand how exhausting it is for parents to care for their little ones while attending to chores, jobs, or businesses. And that is why New Dawn Nanny Agency is here to provide convenience. We know your kids mean the world to you, so we will take care of them as a family should.

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